The Hidden Art of Homemaking, Part Two

What is art, anyway? Who decides whether something is art or just a gobbled mess?

First we need to look at the First Artist, the only True and Perfect Artist. “The only artist who is perfect in all forms of creativity…in having perfect truth to express as well as perfect expression of truth…is of course God – the God Who is Personal.” -page 14

When we look at God’s creation: the world, the universe – from the smallest insect to the largest star, we see that creation is infinite. It is perfect – as created. God made the elements which rest in the atmosphere and reflect the light as the Sun sinks slowly into the horizon, causing the burst of colors we call a sunset. God created the irridescent sparkles on the scales of a fish, so that when the light hits it just right, we see the splash of rainbow under the water. God created the whiskers on the face of a cat, so useful, but also something which adds to the overall appearance of the animal. God added His love and grace to the world through His Son – the picture of the Cross, while disturbing and heart-wrenching – a perfect work of art.

If, therefore, God is the perfect Creator, and we, His creation, attempt to follow in His example, what is art? “One individual personality has definite or special talent for impressing, in some medium, what other personalities can see, hear, smell, feel, taste, understand, enjoy, be stimulated by, be involved in, find refreshment in, find satisfaction in, find fulfillment in, experience reality in, be agonized by, be pleased by, enter into, but which they could not produce themselves.” -page 14 This is art. When you cause a reaction in someone who cannot cause that exact reaction for themselves, you have art. So whether it is a breathtaking landscape on canvas, or a heartrending dramatic play, it is art if it caused someone to sit up and take notice.

“Art satisfies and fulfills something in the person creating and in those responding.” – page 14

When an artist creates something, we are able to learn something of what is in the artist’s mind, heart, and personality. We don’t know everything, but we see some of it. In the same way, we learn more about Who God is by learning about and experiencing His creation – His art. “[Eden] mattered enough to God that it should be beautiful to look at.” – page 23.

Next time: Should I spend my time with this “art” stuff or is there more important things to be doing?

Part One: Now? I’m waiting until…

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